Bust those Myths!

Below are 10 Myths of Adoption and some of the most common questions people feel would rule them out of becoming an adoptive parent. Click here to download our 10 Myths of adoption Guide

1. There is no upper age limit to adopt

You need to be at least 21 years old and have the potential to provide care and support for the child through to adulthood.

2. Single? No problem

Children have been adopted into stable, loving homes by single parents and couples, whatever their gender or sexual orientation, for many years.

3. No ethnic matching

There are children from many different backgrounds waiting to be adopted. As long as you meet the child’s needs you can adopt children of any ethnicity.

4. It’s quicker than you think

In fact, you can now become approved as an adopter within six months and can have a child placed with you within three months after that.

5. Disabilities or not, you can still adopt

Health problems and disabilities are not barriers to adoption, provided you can care for the child you adopt.


6. Religious or not

Religion is not a barrier to adoption. We assess people from all religions or of no faith.

7. Renting, or worried about space issues?

To become an adopter in England, you don’t need to be a home-owner, and you may have priority for council housing. If you have the space and security to care for children as they grow up, you will be considered.

8. Wage is no barrier

Being on low income or benefits should not stop you from becoming an adopter. You may be eligable for Tax Credits or other benefits and allowances, such as Disability Living Allowance and Carers Allowance if you adopt a disabled child. What we will be looking for is workable finances, well managed and sufficient to meet the needs of everyone in the family.

9. You can adopt if you already have children

…and you can adopt more than one child at once – some children will have siblings also waiting to be adopted.

10. British resident?

You need to have been living in the British Isles for at least a year to apply for an adoption order.