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FREE Adopters Workshops

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Families for Children are excited to announce that we are now offering a series of workshops aimed at supporting adopters who are either in Stage 2 of assessment, looking for children or  have a child in placement already.  These are all  stand-alone workshops FREE to participants and are aimed at enhancing adopters understanding  in areas such as child sexual abuse, Foetal Alcohol Syndrome, Impact of Domestic Violence,  and Transitions for Children.  All workshops are half a day – usually in the morning.

Please see below training available in each area.

If you are interested in booking yourself onto any of the workshops – please email or call 01364 645480

Workshops Available

Domestic Violence

Many of the children placed for adoption have come from difficult backgrounds where violence between their parents was a regular and terrifying experience.  This workshop is designed to explain the impact of witnessing domestic violence from the child’s perspective and the long term impact on their development and behaviour.   If you have adopted a child where this was a feature in their background (often downplayed by professionals it must be said) then taking some time to think about how this may have affected your child might be time well spent.  If you are a prospective adopter and just considering a variety of backgrounds of children you may wish to adopt, having additional information on the impact of Domestic Violence will support you in your decision making.


Children who have had a traumatic start to their lives find change extremely difficult to manage.  This is never more acute than in the school environment where there is constant change on a daily basis.  This workshop looks a range of transition experiences that are tricky for adopted children to manage, from school holidays, to new classroom teacher, to leaving parents at the start of each day – all can create complex and exhausting situations for children that parents and school like find difficult.  The workshop aims to ensure that you are aware of strategies that can help alleviate some of the stresses, as well as examples of good practice to share with schools if there are problems.  If you are a prospective adopter, knowing up front about some of the areas of difficulty will help you ultimately chose an educational environment for your child that will enhance their experience rather than cause more difficulties.   NB if your child is attending a school who themselves would like some in-school training on this issue please let the facilitators know as we are happy to go into staff teams and run something specific for them.


Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders – still relatively little is known about this range of disorders that come about as a result of a birth mother using alcohol in pregnancy.  However more and more children are being diagnosed with this condition, or related conditions, and this workshop is designed to advise on the current understanding of the impact of alcohol on the developing child and what the long term issues are.  It is a fascinating area of research that has thrown up some startling information – and this workshop is aimed at supporting adopters and prospective adopters to understand the long term implications for the children that may be placed with them where alcohol was evident in their birth history.

Sexual Abuse

Child sexual abuse is still a great taboo in our culture, even though the understanding of the impact, and it’s prevalence in the media has brought it much more into the public consciousness over the last few years.  Children who have been sexually abused in early childhood, or where this is suspected, are often difficult to find adoptive placements for as people are fearful often of what they might be dealing with.   The truth is, we don’t always know when a child has been sexually abused, and they can disclose later even if this wasn’t known about at the time of placement. So having knowledge about Sexual Abuse is very important – even though a very difficult subject.  If you are an adopter of a child where sexual abuse has been part of their history, or if you are prospective adopter wondering if you yourself would feel comfortable adopting a child who has experienced sexual abuse then this workshop is designed to discuss this area sensitively and compassionately with advise on how as adopters to understand and manage any difficult behaviours and feelings.

Coming Soon – by the end of 2017 we will be hoping to add to our repertoire of workshops with 2 new learning opportunities currently being developed Lifestory Work and Non-Violent Resistance.  We will let you all know asap when these are available and open to bookings.

Dates for Workshops

16th February 2018 TRANSITIONS Dorset
19th February 2018 FASD Epiphany House, Truro
6th March 2018 DOMESTIC VIOLENCE Buckfast
7th March 2018 SEXUAL ABUSE Buckfast
13th April 2018 TRANSITIONS North Devon Filleigh
18th April 2018 FASD Somerset (venue tbc)
14th May 2018 DOMESTIC VIOLENCE Cornwall (venue tbc)
16th May 2018 SEXUAL ABUSE Dorset
14th June 2018 FASD Buckfast
6th July 2018 SEXUAL ABUSE North Devon Filleigh
10th July 2018 TRANSITIONS Somerset (Venue tbc)
12th September 2018 FASD Dorset
13th September 2018 TRANSITIONS Buckfast
24th September 2018 SEXUAL ABUSE Cornwall (venue tbc)