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Holi Whitehead -Adopters Counselling Service

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Do you sometimes feel like you’re the worst parent in the world?

Being an adoptive parent can seem like an impossible task.

Do you find yourself feeling inadequate and guilty?

Do you struggle with the powerful emotions you experience as an adopter?

Are you exhausted by the seemingly relentless difficulties your family has to cope with?

Have you managed to just about survive another Christmas, but can’t wait for the start of term?

Do you want to tell someone about how you really feel?

Or maybe things are going OK.  But you’ve reached a point where you want to spend some time reflecting on your experience as an adoptive parent, the changes to your life and to your relationships.

I have been working with Families for Children for over a year now, offering   counselling support to adopters and those wishing to adopt.

I give you the chance to speak to someone who has personal experience of the challenges you face and the overwhelming feelings that you may experience as an adopter. I provide a safe, empathic non-judgmental and totally confidential service.

Sessions are offered to adopters on an individual basis. You can have telephone sessions or meet me face-to-face at Buckfast every Thursday.

You may use the service simply to gain some support and encouragement or to consider some deeper issues that you may feel are affecting your ability to be the parent you would like to be.

You may:
gain insights;
discover some different approaches; or
rediscover your strengths as a parent and your belief in yourself.

If any of this sounds familiar and the opportunity to have some support just for you sounds appealing, please call me, Holi Whitehead, for an initial informal discussion on:

0300 800 0014.

If I am unable to answer please leave a message and I will return your call as soon as I can.