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Activity Days


Families for Children are delighted to be working in partnership with BAAF to hold Adoption Activity Days.

Adoption activity days are events where adopters can meet a range of children waiting to be adopted in a prepared, supported, safe and fun environment. Adopters can attend before they are approved, as long as they are in Stage 2 of the new assessment process in England, or have a confirmed panel date elsewhere in the UK, and their social worker is confident they will be making a positive recommendation.

It is a themed day full of lots of fun activities such as face painting, climbing, craft and soft play. The children’s foster carers and social workers attend the event with the children to support them and to talk to you. This is a film of a recent event which will give you an idea of what they look and feel like: More information about the origins of Adoption Activity Days and the UK Pilot Project run by Bridget Betts can be found on the BAAF website.

If you are interested in attending any of these events or would like to know more please contact your social worker directly, call our office on 01364 645480 or email us at

Read more about BAAF's Activity Days or BAAF’s Adoption Activity Day FAQs.

Did you know? We host Information Sessions too!

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