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Adoption Support Fund


Accessing Adoption Support

All children placed for adoption in the UK have an adoption support plan at the point of placement. Children and adoptive parents have the right to this assessment. This plan may change as families grow together. Parents will get to know their children and come to understand their needs in more depth and become clearer about what they may need help with.

Funding for therapeutic services to help achieve a range of positive outcomes for you and your family.


The Adoption Support Fund (ASF) was established to help pay for essential therapy services for adoptive families as and when they need it. It has been set up to support adoptive families. Many families in the past struggled to get the help they needed and the ASF will enable adoptive families to access the services they need more easily in future. 

Who is eligible? 

The ASF is available for children up to and including the age of 21 (or 25 with an SEN Statement/EHC Plan) who have been adopted from Local Authority care in England or adopted from Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland but living in England. From 1st April 2016.

How can I access funding? 

To access the ASF, you will need to have an assessment of your families’ adoption support needs. In the first instance this may need to be carried out by your Local Authority. Our adoption support social worker can talk to you about the types of support service that you need.  Each child is entitled to a full assessment of therapeutic needs, in addition to this a maximum of £5000 can fund therapies.

Standard & Early Years Pupil Premium – School Support Funding

Pupil Premium Early Years Pupil Premium (EYPP) is available to state funded schools to help with extra support for adopted children from care. 

All adopted children have experienced loss and many have experienced trauma in their early lives.  Various research shows that adopted children need more support than their peers as they do not perform as well as their classmates

Early Years Pupil Premium and Pupil Premium provides funding to help schools give extra support to all children adopted from care to help them reach their potential.

Adopted children’s early experiences can have a lasting impact, particularly at school. Therefore teachers and schools have a vital role to play in helping these children emotionally, socially and academically by providing specific support to raise their attainment and address their wider needs.


Let your School Know

In order for your child’s school to claim Pupil Premium, you will need to inform them that your child is adopted and provide supporting evidence.

You will need to inform them before the school completes the census. The spring census deadline is in January each year. This will then trigger the payment of the Pupil Premium to the school for the next financial year starting in April.

Pupil Premium is £1,900 per eligible child, per year (as of 2018).

Early Years Pupil Premium (EYPP) is additional funding for early years pre-school settings to improve the education they provide for disadvantaged 3 and 4 year-olds including, but not restricted to, those adopted from care. Funding equates to £300 per child per year

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