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Birth Family Matters


Families for Children provide an independent support service (Birth Family Matters) on behalf of Aspire Adoption to birth relatives currently or recently affected by adoption. The service which includes information about adoption, counselling and support is provided by workers based in our Dorchester office. This service is offered to those where:

  • Adoption is the plan for your child
  • Your child has already been placed for adoption
  • You are a relative of a child who will be or has been adopted

If you are affected by any of the above we recognise that it is very important for you to have relevant information and the chance to talk about how adoption might affect you now and in the future.

The feelings associated with adoption may be confusing; involving grief, loss and anger. It may not be easy for you to discuss these feelings with family or friends so we are able to listen to you and offer support with understanding those feelings.

The service we provide gives you an opportunity to talk about the things that may concern you or you may like to know more about. We can discuss proposed contact with another birth relative, or post adoption support. We can advise of possible contribution to life story work.

If you are a birth relative who feels that you would benefit from this service, and you live within the Aspire Regional Adoption Agency boundaries (Poole, Bournemouth and Dorset) then please contact Aspire on 0300 123 9868 to ask to be referred to Birth Family Matters at FFC.

To download our Birth Family Matters leaflet please click here.

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