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Birth Records Counselling for Adoptees

Birth Records Counselling for Adoptees

Open & Closed Adoption

As the nature of adoption has developed over time, the law draws a line between those adopted before and after the 12th November 1975. Those adopted before this date under a “closed” adoption, are required to see a counsellor to discuss the implications before information is given them and your adoptive parents may not even have had many details of your birth family. Post -1975 you will have had (other than in exceptional circumstances) an “open” adoption – whereby details of birth families would have been more accessible and there may have been indirect contact plans in place.

Obtain Your Birth Certificate

As an adult at the age of eighteen, you have the right to apply to the General Register Office (GRO) – details below, to obtain a copy of your birth certificate.  We can also help you with this.

General Register Office
Room C202, Smedley Hydro
Trafalgar Road

Call 0300 1231837 or

Protecting You

Respecting your rights to privacy and confidentiality is key throughout this process. If you apply to GRO for your information, at this point give us a call and we can advise if we are the correct agency to be supporting you, or whether you need to go to your Local Authority as the Appropriate Adoption Agency (AAA).

Families for Children are currently not able to offer a tracing and/or intermediary service – however the link below gives a practical guide for people wanting to trace birth relatives after the initial Birth Records Counselling has been completed. 

The Adoption Search Reunion website has been recommended as informative and up to date, and has an online database of intermediary services where you might be able to get support with your tracing.

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