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‘Adopt’ Families for Children as your
Charity of the Year

We know that businesses are inundated all year round with requests to support charities both locally and nationally. Many businesses now adopt one charity as their Charity of the Year and we are asking you to ADOPT US.

As a small, friendly, very local charity without huge resource and budgets, Families for Children looks to raise its awareness through the local community. Therefore being supported by local businesses small or large, is of great benefit to us both in terms of awareness and fundraising.

We have hugely successful relationships with our business partners because we work together at a local level. Having similar ethics and standards means we have a common goal in ensuring our services are the best they can be.

What Businesses Do

Many of our business partners have their own fundraising ideas and many hold regular fundraising events in their shops and offices for Families for Children. Others prefer to support us with goods and services.

“Having had success with hosting charity balls for national charities Woods Estate Agents & Auctioneers decided to have its own specific local charity. After much thought it was felt that a children’s’ charity would be an ideal choice which is how we came to support Families for Children and their work to give children who had not had the best start in life a loving, secure home. As children love teddy bears and using a play on the company name the Woody Bear Appeal was launched.”

– Sarah Thomas, Distinctive Homes co-ordinator
Woods Estates, Newton Abbot

“Having learnt about some of the amazing things that FFC do, we were really keen to help. This is the second year of having FFC as our charity of the year, and we have now had the opportunity to meet some of the children who FFC have helped to place. The difference that FFC have made to those children’s lives is immeasurable: they have changed their paths, and given them the chance to be brought up in a loving and secure family. FFC deserves so much more support to ensure that they can continue their brilliant work.”

– Louise Edwards – Marketing Director
Michelmores, Exeter.

In Return

Unlike many of the larger national charities Families for Children likes to be involved in all activities undertaken by our business partners.  We can be as involved as you would like us to be and can supply you with a wide range of suggestions, ideas and support to make it easier for you to organise events. We can also get involved in publicity and provide speakers if needed. It has been known for our patrons to attend events too!

Could you be a Business Supporter?

If you are interested in talking with us about supporting Families for Children through your business please contact our Fundraising Team on 01364 645480 or email

Thank you for choosing to support Families for Children. Your donation will make a difference to a child’s life.

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