Change a child’s life in memory of a loved one

Losing someone close to you is a very difficult time.  When we hear the words ‘no flowers please’ many feel the need to do something in memory of their friend or relative.

Many people decide to remember a loved one by donating to a charity. By donating to Families for Children you are supporting some of the most vulnerable children in the UK not only in finding them the love and security they crave in a local adoptive family, but by ensuring the support we can give them can be for life.

This is a specialist and unique service we provide and would not continue without the kind support of donations.  Please help us to change lives in memory of your loved one.

Please fill in our ‘In Memory’ form send donations to:

‘In Loving Memory’
Families for Children
Higher Mill
TQ11 0EE

We will then enter these details in our ‘In Loving Memory’ book which is kept at our head office at Buckfast Abbey and send you a certificate of entry.

Thank you for choosing to support Families for Children. Your donation will make a difference to a child’s life.