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Claire and Julian adopted a sibling group of 3 children

Claire & Julian Adopt Siblings

We could see the three faces peeking out above the windowsill, eagerly awaiting our arrival. They were 2 , 3 and just 5. We had spent most of the previous year thinking about this moment, when we would become Mum and Dad to a family. Many meetings with our social worker, group training sessions, lots of talking with our family and friends, had led us to that day.

The faces disappeared from the window, and 3 little people came charging out of the house, the youngest shouting “ Mummy , mummy, MY mummy”. At that point I started crying, picked up and hugged our son very tight, and the long journey of parenthood began.
In the early days we were exhausted and at times we yearned for our previous life of peace and quiet. Any parents of 3 children will find life hard at times , but the shock of being parachuted into family life could sometimes be overwhelming. We were lucky to have an extensive network of friends and family we could call on to give us support. Our social worker was also always there for us as well – her favourite saying was “That is so positive ! ”, and we would say ( or cry ) “ but how come it doesn’t feel like it ?!……”

Over the last 10 years, amongst the hard work and rollercoaster of emotions, there has been lots of fun and many, many special moments .

We have watched the children develop and grow into the beautiful and confident young people they are now. People often say how lucky the children are to have found us, but it is truly the other way around – we are so lucky to have found them. Thank you to Families for Children for bringing us together and supporting us to become the family we are now.

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