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Two Children aged 19 months and 1 year old

Liz and Danny adopt twice

Our Fairy-tale Journey.

Once upon a time in a little part of Cornwall a little older man and a little older lady were busy dreaming of finding their forever children. They met a very wise owl who had tremendous knowledge and skills as well as loads of patience and passion. She took them on a journey flying by their side, leading them safely over some very rough ground and guiding them round tight jagged corners. She introduced them to all her wonderful helpers and to others venturing out on similar yet unknown terrain. There were lots of laughs as well as tears and tantrums for the little older man and the little older lady but the wise owl never ruffled a feather, shared words of wisdom and kept her eyes wide open.

Ten years have passed since that first dream and the now bigger old man and the bigger old lady have had the privilege of being a forever mum and dad to two very special amazing children for 9 and 7 years. Families for Children made our fairy-tale dream reality not once but twice. As we continue, on our never ending journey together, whether its lots of laughs or times of tears and tantrums we know the wise owls of Families for Children are looking out for us. They flew with us at the beginning of our journey and they fly with us now as part of our forever family. They are the icing on the cake because it’s the icing that seals our cake.

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