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A wonderful piece written by the Diocese of Salisbury’s Grapevine publication

Making A New Family

“Faith gives us the extra strength to go through the adoption rollercoaster.”
Joe and Mary (not their real names) are a churchgoing couple in East Dorset who have recently adopted a son through a Christian agency.
“We both grew up in churchgoing families”, says Joe, “but lapsed as young adults. As we thought about marriage, we started going to Mary’s home church. The people were welcoming and friendly, and the vicar did our very rewarding marriage preparation.
“It has become a valued part of life. It’s great to be part of a new community.”
“We had considered adopting”, explains Mary, “even before learning we weren’t able to have birth children.
“We explored different agencies but we found Families for Children’s Christian ethos and depth of support to be special.
“The process is rightly in-depth. It does give a rare opportunity to reflect on your life and what has shaped you. It takes about six months to be approved.”
“The challenging bit is learning about possible children to adopt”, adds Joe, “There are so many children who need a loving home, usually after a traumatic early childhood. It is so hard to say no.
“Some had very specific needs that we couldn’t meet but other adopters could.
“It was magic when we met the boy who was to become our son. We had planned for a year, but it came together quickly in the end and it was a panic to get his bedroom finished in time!”
“A year on”, says Mary, “we have a son who is full of energy, loves the outdoors, helps in the garden. We had him christened in the church we were married in. It was very important to us.
“It has been a steep learning curve as new parents, but Families for Children provide us with great support and can do for the rest of our lives, if we need it.
“Adoption is hard, but it’s so worth it. When he smiles, we’re a family.”
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