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Anna & Peter adopt 6 month old Teddy

Teddy’s Adoption

“When we decided to adopt, we already had the perfect family: our two birth children; one healthy girl and one healthy boy. However we thoroughly enjoyed being parents and felt we would be a good match for a disabled child. We approached Families for Children who agreed to assess us and after several homestudy visits we were approved. We didn’t mind the wait for approval as we had a good relationship with our social worker, Angela, and knew that the information the agency gathered through the homestudy would help her find the right child for us.

Teddy joined us when he was 6 months old. He was diagnosed with Down’s syndrome at birth and his parents felt they couldn’t cope. Introductions went seamlessly and we still have contact with Teddy’s foster carers (they recently came to see him at his school’s Christmas play.)

Teddy is a happy, easy child and we feel lucky he is part of our family. He has a close relationship with his older brother and sister who are his biggest advocates and celebrate every achievement he makes, however small it may be. Since Teddy joined us almost 3 years ago, we have been blessed by another birth child and Teddy is very gentle and loving with his baby sister. We couldn’t be happier with our family. It was worth the wait and we are very grateful to Teddy’s birth family, his foster carers and all the social workers involved for bringing him to us.”

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