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Zoe & Russel adopted a little boy aged 2

Zoe & Russel’s first little boy

“At ages 40 and 42, we decided to reapply to be adopters, after resolving a lot of key health issues that had been the reason for being declined the first time round. Unlike conceiving your own family naturally, adoption isn’t for the faint hearted. The pre adoption process is sometimes difficult, testing and requires a lot of soul bearing, but if you can go into this with open honesty then you will open the door to a whole new world of experiences, from good, bad, difficult and testing to the downright fantastic as your child reaches a new milestone/achievement!

We would like to make one request to potential adopters. Please do consider adopting a child with a disability or extra needs, some will have very mild and moderate learning difficulties/ disabilities and with the right encouragement and support will grow up to become independent and self-reliant adults.

Families for Children don’t just do adoption. If you adopt through Families for Children, you get the whole package from pre-adoption assessments, to being matched up with a new individual with hidden gems of magic waiting to be unlocked and after adoption support that is second to none. FFC has a wealth of experience in adoption and have given us many tools that we have found invaluable when faced with challenging periods of raising our ten year old son. Yet the rewards are ten times better, when you have an eight year old born with a severe degree of muscle atrophy who rides his two wheeled bike independently for the first time and yells “Daddy I can ride my bike!” One tearful father had to discretely turn his head back to the garage and pretend to be busy. Then there was the occasion when my wife cried tears of happiness when he won his first set of gymnastics medals at the age of 6. He is now aged 10 and progressing well at school and has qualified for the Special Needs Gymnastics Nationals in 2013.

The journey has been challenging at times but the majority of it has been so rewarding and Families for Children have played a huge part in that journey.”