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A child sees a parent not a gender – Adopt with Pride

New Family Social’s LGBT+ Adoption & Fostering Week campaign returns this year from 2-8 March. The week will focus on tackling the myths and expectation of discrimination LGBT+ people can hold, that prevent them from exploring both routes to parenthood.

Local adoption agency, Families for Children, are launching a new campaign during this week to encourage adopters from the LGBTQ+ community to come forward. The campaign “A child sees a parent not a gender” will focus on speaking directly to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender couples and individuals, through local community groups and organisations about the adoption process and how the Agency recognise the strength, skills and resilience they already have which will make them amazing adopters.

According to the latest UK statistics, adoption orders by same-sex couples represented 12 per cent of all adoptions in England and Wales in 2018/19. This is compared to just seven per cent five years ago.

490 adoptions were to same-sex couples in England in 2018/19, which broke the previous record of 450 and means that at least one in seven adoptions were to LGBTQ+ people last year.

Ruth Marriott, Families for Children CEO says; “LGBTQ+ people are playing an increasingly important role in adopting children. At a time when the number of people coming forward to adopt is at a low the percentage of LGBTQ+ couples and single adopters is on the increase.

“Being part of the LGBTQ+ community is not a barrier to being considered as an adopter. Families for Children welcomes all potential adopters, regardless of sexual orientation or marital status.  Individuals and couples are assessed of their ability to care for a child.”

Families for Children want potential adopters from the LGBTQ+ community to know that they are the alternative agency to the Regional Adoption Agencies and local authorities across Devon, Cornwall, Dorset and Somerset, and that a warm welcome awaits those considering adoption from a team of experienced social workers and family support workers.  Families for Children is a specialist adoption agency and will guide you through the process and support you and your family when and if you need it.

Joe and Reece adopted three children through Families for Children and say; “When we met our social worker and we heard about the agency, they were so welcoming that’s what made it feel amazing. We felt like any other couple considering adoption, there were no barriers to us adopting or negativity towards us being a same sex couple applying – it felt amazing.

“We do know as we get older there will be different challenges that will come up and certain situations, but the main thing is we have the support from our adoption agency, our families and friends and other adoptive families. You know you’re not alone and that’s the fundamental thing for us, especially adopting a sibling group.”

Sarah & Louise who adopted through FFC say; “To be an adopter you need to be honest with yourselves, your social worker and your child. You need stamina. Families for Children have just been amazing. They didn’t try and force us into anything but they weren’t scared to tell us if they thought we were taking the wrong route. It wasn’t just about allocating families to children or vice versa it was about getting the right families for the right children.”

The campaign launches with a promotional video and in depth interview with same sex couple Joe and Reece. Their message to potential adopters is; “100% go into adoption. For us it’s been a life changing experience even so much so we want to do it again!”

Families for Children is simply asking you to pick up the phone – what you feel could be a barrier to you adopting may not be, and the time you spend agonising over it could be time spent moving forward with adoption.

For more details please contact Families for Children on 01364 645480 or visit


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