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A Tale of Twins

Some beautiful words about keeping siblings together from one of our young people.

The Tale Of Twins

Growing up I was very lucky; less then a year after my birth i was adopted along side my twin brother into a loving family.

Even from a young age we’ve been like any other pair of siblings.  There were times when we would wind one another up so badly we couldn’t stand to be near the other.  And there were times when we couldn’t be without the other.

But despite what ever situation or mood we were in we’ve always had each other’s backs.  All the big mile stones we’ve faced we did together from the first day of primary school to the first day of college.  Knowing my brother was close by, always made things less scary.

He’s always knew the sort of things I was going through and helped me through some of my darkest days when I felt lost.

We’ve always known about our background of adoption. And how we were lucky to get such a special family-where else sadly it’s doesn’t always work that way for other children and families.

And as I look forward to my future adult years and the uncertainty I may face, I know I’ll be okay because of my family and brother.

He’s more than just a brother he was the first best friend I ever had and I know we will always have one another’s backs.  Because siblings are the first best friends you have for life.





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