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A family for Texas-Rose

Family for Me is looking for a family for Texas-Rose. When you first meet Texas-Rose you are drawn to her beautiful blue eyes, dark brown hair, and cute chubby cheeks, and when she feels safe and ready her great big smile. Texas-Rose is happy and settled. She loves to play with her toys and play catch with a soft ball, but messy play and sensory type activities are her favourite. She enjoys bubble games and popping bubbles with her fingers or when they land on her face, which always makes her smile and giggle. Her favourite character is Peppa Pig, and she enjoys music and seeing her friends.

Texas-Rose was born with spina bifida and hydrocephalus. She has no feeling in her lower body but can move around independently in the home with her walker and at school and in the community using her ‘buggy’ as she calls it (wheelchair). This allows her to interact with her friends and engage in physical play. Texas-Rose also has a catheter fitted which needs emptying and cleaning during the day – something she will hopefully be able to do herself as she gets older.Texas-Rose has some speech delay which is being supported by play therapy to help it develop. She has no other concerns health wise.

Texas-Rose will need ongoing health interventions from a range of professionals to enable her to reach her potential and to become increasingly independent as she grows.Texas-Rose’s birth family were unable to care for her significant and complex needs. She is thriving with her foster carers but now needs and deserves a family of her own so she can reach her full potential. The search to find a family for Texas-Rose by the Local Authority in which she is cared for has so far drawn a blank so they have turned to us for help to find Texas-Rose her forever home.

Texas-Rose needs a family who will be able to understand and commit to caring for. She needs a family who can support her increasing independence and where she can be the centre of their world. Texas-Rose needs a family willing to adapt their home to meet her physical needs and would ideally be the only or youngest child in your family.

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