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Mount Snowdon Family Challenge

Mum Hayley writes:

We are Haley, Chris and ‘Red’, not forgetting of course, our dog Wembley. We adopted Red when she was 6 months old and we owe our thanks to the adoption agency who helped us to find her. Red is a very active child, and we enjoy the outdoors so this trip up the mountain is very fitting for us as a family to achieve together.

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An update from Red’s Mum and Dad…

Monday 1st September – as we are coming up to a year that we have had Red home with us and we became a family, we decided that we would like to mark the occasion with something memorable, as well as give something back to help the people that helped us find our daughter – Families for Children.

We had been waiting at least 7 years to become parents and of course we had tried the obvious before we decided that adoption was what we wanted to do. When Red came home she was 6 months old and we were over the moon and totally in love with her. With Haley’s experience in childcare, we thought we would find parenthood relatively easy. How wrong we were to think that! It took a while to realise that parenting children of your own is different to caring for other people’s children whom you are able to give back at the end of the day. Unrestful nights weren’t the half of it!

By November, Haley had to admit she was suffering with post adoption depression and it was time to think like a parent and not like a nursery nurse.

A year later, Red is 18 months old, very happy, secure and funny. She enjoys everything we do together as a family, that includes the outdoors – camping, walking, she loves animals – specially dogs and horses. Her favourite toys are her cars and planes and she is a very good dancer, what with attending three weddings so far and two more to go! Red has an amazing best friend who is someone she will grow up with, be able to talk to about being adopted in the same we we can talk about bring adoptive parents with his. In fact, we owe a lot more to FFC than just finding us our daughter, we couldn’t thank them enough for finding us friends for life too. Life as parents still isn’t as easy as looking after our nieces or friends children but it is certainly eventful and surprises are every day. The proudest moments being that she makes people laugh within seconds of meeting her and everyone says that she is truly our daughter, right down to looks and personality. There are still very hard days but now we can talk to her and she to us, we all help each other.

We would like to thank our friends and family at this point, the support from everyone has been amazing and thanks to a lovely winter and summer, we have some beautiful memories that we can treasure.

The day we climb Snowdon will be a year to the day we bought Red home. The day will signify that so far, out journey as parents has been like climbing a mountain. There are many paths to climb but whichever one you choose, they all lead the same way to the top and they aren’t all as easy as you’d hoped they’d be 🙂

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