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Response to media reports of Child to Parent Violence in Adoption

Recent media stories have highlighted some of the difficulties that some adoptive families are facing with violence from children to parents.

It is essential to communicate that many of the children placed for adoption have come from difficult backgrounds where violence between their parents was a regular and terrifying experience, but this is not true of all adopted children.

Families for Children, who are  a specialist independent adoption agency, has recently developed a Multi-Disciplinary Therapeutic Support service.   This includes a comprehensive training programme for adopters aimed at understanding and tackling the behaviour that can present in  adopted children as a result of  early trauma and neglect  that they may have experienced, of which domestic violence is one.

These services are aimed at not only supporting those where domestic violence has  presented itself in their adopted child’s history but also in supporting those looking to adopt when they are exploring the  backgrounds of the children in care.

We would like to stress how important it is for adopters  and prospective adopters to know they have a workable support plan in place when they adopt a child and that there is some where they can go for help, however small or large that need may be.  The support services available through Families for Children aim to target the therapeutic needs of their families as well as some of the support needed more regularly. It also allows for education of those involved with the family including adopters, schools and wider networks.

For more details about Child to Parent Violence or to find out about the Adoption Support Services available through Families for Children contact us on 01364 645480.




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