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Somerset author & activist joins local adoption agency in their work to support vulnerable children

Families for Children are pleased to welcome local author, painter and illustrator, Louise Allen, as an Ambassador for the charity. Louise, who lives in Somerset, has spent most of her working life teaching Art and Design in Higher Education. As an activist she campaigns on behalf of looked after children and those that care for them.

Louise has had much experience using Art therapy and a nurturing environment to help and support foster children; after spotting a collection tin at one of her book signings and after a little investigation into the charity she decided that she would be able to support us wholeheartedly. Louise feels that the adoption support model used by FFC to support adopted children has been hugely successful and as such is one that should be rolled out across the UK.
Louise has recently published her first book, Thrown Away Child. This is a memoir covering Louise Allen’s abusive childhood in a foster home, how she survived using her love of art as a sanctuary and how she hopes to right old wrongs now by fostering children herself.
Louise says of the charity, “When I met Families for Children I was immediately impressed with the level of support they offered the children and their adoptive families.

“I know from experience that it’s not easy living in someone else’s family and now as a foster carer I know how hard it is to be that family, which is why these relationships should not be rushed or trivialised in any way. I have felt sad and anxious to see the changes that the cuts have made to the thinking and actions around adoption; I can only see the risks involved if adoptions are hurried and not carefully thought through.
“Families for Children are careful and offer a deep wrap around care for the children and their adoptive families which will be there whilst a child grows and begins to feel and experience many new emotions.

“No one knows what the future will bring but Families for Children in my view offer the best holistic support I have seen the experience amongst the team is astounding. The moment you walk into their offices you feel safe and looked after which is what we all want for our children and their new families.”

Louise is looking forward to releasing a series of books in March 2020 about Thrown Away Children; the launch begins with two books ‘Stella’ and ‘Darren’ which tell the stories of fostered or adopted children. The stories are taken from Louise’s experiences of the foster care and adoption systems. Louise also campaigns for the rights of Foster Care workers and for the rights of vulnerable children across the country.

Ruth Marriott says, “As CEO of Families for Children I am really pleased that Louise Allen has agreed to be an Ambassador for us. As an adoptee, and someone who understands the value and importance of a safe and secure home, and in her role as a Foster Carer, Louise’s experience and her role as an advocate in adult life, fits well with Families for Children. We know she will be a great Ambassador for us raising the issues for our families and children who are unable to live with their birth families.

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