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Fostering to Adopt


What is Fostering to Adopt?

Fostering to Adopt was a Government plan to prevent delay for babies being placed with Adoptive families. These babies are usually still in Care Proceedings, and so there is a possibility that the court may conclude that they need to return to birth family. However Fostering to Adopt prevents unnecessary moves in and out of foster care for the child as they are placed with new permanent families sooner in the process. Addtionally having consistent care for the child reduces possible future harm and it supports the child in developing healthy attachments.

Why Foster to Adopt?

What is the Process?


Contact with Birth Family

During the Fostering to Adopt placement contact with birth parents will be maintained and is likely to be a minimum of three times per week, but can be as much as 7 times a week if the court directs it.

When it becomes an Adoption Placement, contact with the birth family will stop, the timing and nature of Social Worker visits will change, and there will be a timescale when applying to court for the final Adoption Order.


Be Mindful...

Sometimes there is limited information available to Foster to Adopt carers at the point of placement – this may be due to court directives or confidentiality issues. There is a slight risk that at the point of Placement Order, when full detailed information becomes available, that Fostering to Adopt carers may feel they cannot proceed to adoption.



As a Specialist Adoption Agency, Families for Children do not “place” their own children, but we have children from across the UK placed with our Adopters. This will mean that there will be a wide variety of Fostering to Adopt experiences to deal with, and we will aim to support you in this process by ensuring that the Local Authorities' processes are as robust as they can be, and that you get as much information as you need and are entitled to.

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Our Families

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