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Learning Support/Education


Our learning support service is for adoptive parents and schools to help understand the difficulties and needs of adoptive children in school, in particular at times of transition.

Education Support for Schools

Feeling settled and secure in school helps to build confidence and self-esteem in children. Adopted children often need additional support in school in order to thrive. We work with schools and designated staff providing one to one training or workshops so that they are able to understand and support adopted children.

We can offer training to school staff within their own schools. The service is usually provided at the end of the school day, or during inset days and can be delivered across the region. This enables the whole staff group to access the training in situ and provides information about the impact of Early Developmental Trauma which also includes information about Attachment. There is also a focus on the importance of having good support plans for supporting adoptive children at times of transitions within school including everyday transitions but also transitions to different schools or year groups.

We can offer advice and guidance on effective use of Pupil Premium funding for adopted children.

The training can be followed up with the completion of an individual plan for a child. This training is chargeable directly to schools.

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