Adoption is a life-long commitment. Whilst there will be challenges involved in becoming a parent, there are also huge rewards.  Children going through the court process do so at a variable rate, some go very quickly, others not so.  This can mean that some children spend longer than we would like waiting for the final decisions to be made.  That said, many judges across the UK are looking to speed up the process, particularly for younger children so that they can move to their new permanent families as soon as possible.  This was one of the reasons that Fostering to Adopt was developed.

The assessment process is an exchange of information between you and Families for Children. This is to ensure that you are able to meet the needs of a child who has had a difficult start in life and to give you full preparation for what adoption entails and how your life will change.

Families for Children complete the assessment with sensitivity and give you personal support throughout the process, also during matching and placement with your child. We aim to assess you within a timescale of 6 months, in line with government guidance.

If you are considering adoption please contact us on 01364 645480 and we will be pleased to discuss any questions you may have. We will take some details about you and your family and advise you about the next step.

You can also download our information pack and make a request so we can contact you.

 If you would like to have more information and a discussion about whether adoption is right for you, we will arrange a home visit to talk through your particular circumstances or pop along to one of our Information Sessions.  This is a great opportunity to ask as many questions as you like (the more the better!) to fully explore all the challenges and opportunities.  If you decide you would like to proceed with Families For Children,  and the Social Worker feels it is right for you,  you can complete a Registration of Interest Form and submit it to us.  We will give you a response in 5 days as to whether we will accept it.

If you would like to proceed with adoption we will visit you in your home to talk through your personal circumstances. With the Social Worker you can then decide to “register your interest” in adopting. This involves completing a form. After you have sent it in our Agency has 5 days to decide whether to accept it.

The 2 Stage Process

Did you know? We host Information Sessions too!