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Time to Talk is a telephone-based counselling service available to any adoptive parents, but can also be accessed by young people where this is felt to be appropriate.

So, what makes Time to Talk work so well for adoptive families?

Well first and foremost – we understand adoption.  As an adoption specific counselling service we understand the potentially huge challenges of parenting adopted children that mainstream counsellors do not always fully appreciate.

We know about the attachment difficulties of adopted children – and we understand how this may manifest in their behaviour. We understand the potential impact on your families and relationships, when a child who has experienced developmental trauma needs you, but pushes you at the same time. We a full aware of the difficulties you may be experiencing in accessing support in education, helping your child with peer group relations, and the frustration of getting the right support for your child.

Or it may be that for those quite new to adoption you need guidance and reassurance, or to receive help processing some of the overwhelming feelings and issues that are often experienced by adoptive parents in the early days of family life.

More importantly we know that as adopters, you are not likely to be accessing support just for you as most support is focused on the needs of the children, understandably…and sometimes you can feel that no one is hearing how tough it can be to be a parent.  You may even have some unresolved grief and loss issues of your own that have surfaced since your child has come to live with you – either way – the Time to Talk service is there.


How do I get referred ?

Adoptive Parents - If you adopted through FFC, and have never accessed the service before – you will be eligible for 6 x sessions free on us.  That is per adopter.  It is possible that we may be able to get some match funding from the placing authority who placed your child, but this is not guaranteed – but something we can request even at the point of placement.  If after 6 sessions you feel that you would benefit from more counselling, there is an option for you to purchase additional sessions direct with your allocated counsellor (they will discuss this price with you direct)– or again we can try and see if your local authority will pay towards it, in which case we can have that discussion with the Local Authority.

FFC adopters wishing to be referred to Time to Talk need to speak to your allocated Social Worker, or if you currently don’t have one, ring our Duty Social Worker and the process can be put in place.

If you are not an FFC adopter, then you will need to pay for the service either yourselves or through your local authority.  An agreed number of sessions must be paid for up front (minimum 6).  If you ask your Local Authority Social Worker to call us to discuss cost and availability and referral process we would be happy to take that discussion forward with you.

Time to Talk Teens – if you have a young person you feel would benefit from some telephone counselling support, you need to make a referral to our Atrium Adoption Support Service in the first instance.  Local Authorities or parents can pay up front, or we may have to seek funding from the Adoption Support Fund depending on the circumstances.

The Time to Talk Service

3 fully qualified counsellors.  They are all members of BACUP (the counselling governing body) and have a variety of experience within adoption.  They have all undertaken adoption related training, and are able to offer a completely confidential, understanding, non-judgmental and empathic approach.  Service Users are matched to the practitioner who will best meet their requirements.  The sessions are 50 minute 1:1 telephone counselling sessions.

If you would like to be referred to our counselling service, you would need to contact us either through your current FFC Social Worker, or our Duty Social Worker if you don’t have an allocated worker or are from outside of the agency.

Please contact us for more details on 01364 645480

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