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Volunteer – Supporting FFC

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Volunteer for Families for Children

The work we do through our Adoption support service is vitally important to so many of our adopted children and their families and is a unique service we provide. This support is available when, and for as long as, it is needed. At anyone time we are supporting around 150 families with these services.

As a charity we rely on the support of volunteers who give their time to support us. Whether it is as a community volunteer, trustee, fundraiser or as a peer link mentor we have a number of opportunities for anyone who would like to volunteer.

No matter what role you take on, volunteering for Families for Children means you’ll be helping local families in supporting vulnerable children through their lives. Volunteering can also bring with it a host of benefits. It offers the chance  for you to give something back to the community or make a difference to the people around you. It can also provide an opportunity to develop new skills or build on existing experience and knowledge and maybe make new friends along the way.

Community Events Volunteers

Whether it be shaking a collection tin at an Exeter Chiefs game, marshaling at a local cycling event or selling raffle tickets in the local shopping mall, all these are all examples of community events we have needed volunteers for to raise money for the charity. If you can spare a few hours to do in a month or as a one off then we would love to hear from you.

Sharing your Adoption Story

Have you adopted? Would you consider sharing your story either for our website, a podcast, social media video TV or the local press? Or even attending a recruitment event to talk to potential adopters. We find the best advocates for adoption are families who have adopted and we would love to share your experiences with others. please call us today if this is something you would consider

Adopter Training Volunteers

Adopter training is a vital part of the assessment in the early stages of the adopter process. Families who can talk about their specific experiences with the children they have adopted and the challenges and rewards around them are welcomed to our confidential training sessions.

Trustee Volunteer

As a Trustee you will become an integral and valued member of Families for Children and positively influence how effective we are in the future by playing a critical role in the accountability and fulfillment all of its legal responsibilities. The position of Trustee for Families for Children is a voluntary role. It is expected that as a Trustee you will be able to attend four full Trustee meetings each year, plus four sub-committee meetings. Please check our work with us section for details of vacancies.

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