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What Is Adoption?


There are approximately 2,000 children at any one time in the UK waiting to be adopted (2018). Adoption is a way of providing the security, permanency and love of a new family when it is not possible for a child to remain with his/her birth parents or within the birth family. 

Adoption is a legal process which fully transfers Parental Responsibility from the child’s birth parents to their adoptive parents. There are other forms of permanence for children, which you may hear of, including Long Term Fostering and Special Guardianship which are slightly different to adoption and do not give full Parental Responsibility for the child.  When the child (ren) is settled with the prospective adoptive parent(s) an Adoption Order is granted by a court. Adoption is a lifetime commitment and once an Adoption Order is made it cannot be revoked.

Families for Children place children from across the UK with adoptive families in the South West. If you live outside of the South West details of other agencies can be found at

We are not able to assess those wishing to adopt from abroad and would recommend if you are interested in doing this you contact a specialist agency, such as ICA in London who can advise you fully on that process.


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