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Who Can Adopt?


Here at Families for Children we believe that there is no such thing as an ‘ideal’ adoptive family and when we are looking for families we are interested in what you can offer to a child and how you can best fulfill their individual needs.

If you are considering adoption? Ask yourself these questions:

  • Can you provide love, time and commitment to a child?
  • Can you empathise with a child who may never have experienced the security of feeling safe and loved?
  • Can you be patient and flexible, and adapt to whatever unique challenges may come from the child’s circumstances?
  • Do you have the energy and health to provide a long-term family for a child?
  • Are you over 21?

If you believe the answer to all those questions is “yes”, then there is a good chance you could be an adoptive parent.

LGBTQ+ Adoption

We welcome LGBTQ+ prospective adopters and we recommend joining New Family Social. You can follow their social media pages and their forum is a useful and supportive place to learn about adoption and hear stories from other LGBT+ adopters.
LGBTQ+ adopters can be assured that our experienced team of social workers and family support workers will be there to support you every step of the way.

Click here to find out more about LGBTQ+ Adoption

We are looking for families from a wide variety of ethnic and cultural backgrounds who can offer a permanent loving home and a secure environment to a child.

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What are the Myths of Adoption?

There are many myths surrounding adoption.

The truth is anyone over the age of 21 can be considered as a potential adopter, regardless of marital status, disability, gender, religion, sexual orientation, income or whether you have parenting experience or not.

Please don’t believe everything you read…come and hear it from us direct, come and ask us as many questions as you like, and do some wider research.

Click here to view common Myths of Adoption and some of the most frequent questions people feel would rule them out of becoming an adoptive parent.

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What makes Amazing Adopters?

Adoptee Hannah says, " It can take a special kind of person to be an adopter. One of these things is having the bravery and courage to open up their hearts and homes to chance. And to welcome a child or young person into their life and take care of them and count them as one of their own. It is a bond that they will forge which would be stronger then blood; it would be built on love and hope for the future of their united family.  They can’t know for certain what could happen or how things would work out. But they are willing to try something different that could change a child's life."

We think you would make an amazing adopter. Click here to find out how many of these qualities you already have?

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Our Families

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