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Why Choose a Voluntary Adoption Agency

Families for Children Why Choose a Voluntary Adoption Agency campaign

Families for Children Trust is a Specialist Voluntary Adoption Agency and charitable trust based in the South West.

At Families for Children we believe that the best place for a child to grow is with their birth families. However where this is not possible we endeavour to find new adoptive families who can offer them a stable and loving home.

Why Choose a Voluntary Adoption Agency?

INDEPENDENT adoption agencies from across the UK have joined forces to highlight the choices available to people considering becoming a parent through adoption.

Families for Children is one of 12 adoption agencies taking part in the #AdopterChoice campaign, launching on 11 April 2022.

Supported by the Consortium of Voluntary Adoption Agencies (CVAA) the campaign aims to raise awareness of the options available for anyone thinking about adopting a child or children.

People wishing to adopt can choose to apply through their local authority, a regional adoption agency or a voluntary adoption agency (VAA).

Voluntary adoption agencies (VAAs) are independent, not-for-profit organisations which are smaller than most statutory agencies and offer a personalised service to adopters from all backgrounds.

VAAs work in partnership with local authorities and regional adoption agencies across the whole of the UK to find families for children in care who are unable to stay with their birth relatives.

As part of the #AdopterChoice campaign, adoptive parents have spoken of the reasons why they chose to adopt through a VAA. Watch their stories here.

Annmarie & Bill

After trying for a birth child for nearly 5 years Annmarie and Bill decided to adopt. They adopted a group of three sisters who were 2, 3 and 4 years old and never looked back. Annmarie & Bill admit the support from their voluntary adoption agency was amazing and has contributed to who the girls are today.


Kevin & Deb

Kevin and Deb are parents to three adopted children. They adopted siblings back in 2011, a brother and sister, aged six and three and a half.  They then met their third child, who has additional health needs, by chance six years later  

Kevin was in his 60’s and Deb in her 50’s when they have adopted, and although they wanted to grow their family, a big motivator for them was to help children in need. 

Amy & Tom

Amy & Tom adopted their three daughters aged 2, 3 and 5 years old during the pandemic.  The couple accessed adoption support pre and post adoption and continue to access support for their family through their voluntary adoption agency.


Adopted as a child herself, Zoe has recently become a mum through the pandemic by adopting with a voluntary adoption agency and now has a little boy who brings great joy.

Rhi & David

Rhi and her husband David adopted their five year old daughter during the pandemic. With the additional challenges presented by the pandemic they felt it was even more important to focus on their vision for their family including splashing in the waves on the beach on family holidays.

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